Patio Furniture SetsOne of the best ways to socialize this summer is outdoors! Summer is the season to be outside and enjoy the warm weather with great friends and great food. Whether you’re an outdoor party-pro or looking to dive into the social scene this summer, here are a few tips to make sure your events are a success!

  • Sociable Seating – To create the best seating options for an outdoor event, make sure to have plenty of seating arranged in a way that people can talk. Group chairs together around tables or in shaded areas and use benches and other multi-person seats to encourage people sitting together. Pieces like the Atlantic Marseille Outdoor Patio Sectional pictured in this post are great at bringing groups together. Find more sociable seating selections here!
  • Comfortable Environment – Your guests will relax and enjoy the party even more if they don’t have to worry about burning in the sun or sitting somewhere unpleasant. Position tables and seats in shaded areas with the use of umbrellas or trees to keep guests cool and comfortable. Make sure that the ground is level if you’re entertaining without a deck or patio.
  • Lighten Up! – Keep the party rolling after the sun sets. One Way Furniture has a wide selection of outdoor lighting that can be installed on exterior walls, decks and patios. You don’t have to shine a spotlight on your backyard, but enough light to avoid tripping and for guests to see who they’re talking to is always a good idea.