How to Store Patio Furniture Sets

September 5th, 2012 | Posted by MattY in Patio Furniture - (0 Comments)

patio furniture setsSummer isn’t officially over and there are still plenty of days left to enjoy one’s patio furniture sets. Eventually the air will cool down with the coming winter and, for many of us across the states, the snowfall can end up damaging the furniture. And do not forget it is hurricane season! Start making preparations to keep your furniture safe through the rainy and wintry seasons.

  1. Before placing in storage, clean all the furniture of the summer’s grime and dirt. Lightly scrub pieces with mild soap and water. Thoroughly rinse and allow the each piece to dry completely.
  2. Furniture that needs to be kept indoors include wicker, steel, fabric (pillows and cushions), and natural stone. Extreme temperature fluctuations easily damage wicker and natural stone. Steel and wrought-iron will rust and table umbrellas can mold and mildew if left outside.
  3. Aluminum is safe outdoors, but you may want to take the items in during inclement weather. Wood is safe outside too, but if you cover wood furniture, it will trap moisture and form mildew.
  4. If you do not have a place to store furniture, and do not wish to rent a storage unit, we sell storage sheds. However, large patio furniture sets might be best in a storage facility. Keep furniture well covered to prevent dust and dirt buildup.