Adding Space to a Small Kitchen

September 27th, 2012 | Posted by MattY in Home Furniture - (0 Comments)

dining room furnitureIf we all owned our dream home, it would be complete with not only a sun room, expansive master bedroom, and a walk-in closet, it would contain a kitchen large enough to make a renowned chef drool. Whether you love or hate to cook, we can all agree that a spacious kitchen is a desirable factor when buying a house. But alas, your kitchen is not so roomy. What can you do create more space?

  1. Purchase a microwave kitchen cart. Even the smallest microwaves still take up valuable counter space. If you cannot install one underneath the cabinets, a cart is the next best option. Not only will you rid the counter of a microwave, you can rid it of canisters, knife blocks, spice racks, and other items thanks to the additional storage shelves and cabinets on the cart.
  2. Consider a kitchen island. If the kitchen is wide enough, an island might be a better option than a microwave cart. Kitchen islands are bigger, provide more storage room, and double as a countertop to eat off of.
  3. Choose a drop-leaf table. The drop-leaf table creates space when you need it, either by extra table space or by taking up less room when the leaf is down.