One Way FurnitureWhile the holidays wrapped up weeks ago, die hard sports fans are still receiving gifts every week in the form of unforgettable games from all over the country. The NFL playoffs have winded down to the final four, the NBA season is enjoying tons of intense mid-season action, and the NHL is finally returning to arenas and living rooms everywhere. We are just as crazy about sports as you are here at One Way Furniture, which is why we have everything you need to make the most out of your game-watching experience.

Our extensive entertainment center collection allows you to find the perfect stand for your big-screen TV, giving you and all of your guests a great view of all of the action. We have all of the living room furniture need to enjoy the games comfortably, from quality sofas to a variety of home theater seating solutions. If you want to break out a quick game of Madden NFL or NBA 2K at halftime, our DVD storage options will keep all of your games and movies well organized. Finally, once the final touchdowns, baskets, and goals have been scored, our dining room furniture selection has everything you need to have the best post-game dinner possible.

One Way FurnitureCoffee tables make for one of the most timeless centerpieces to any living room. You can use them in the literal sense, gathering all your friends for long talks over hot cups of java, or you can simply stock them with snack dishes and magazines and stand them beside your dining room furniture. Whatever your purpose may be, we have a great variety of functional, attractive, and affordable coffee tables here at One Way Furniture.

If vintage is your style, we have no shortage of great tables for you. We have classic wood coffee tables as well as those with glass tops, for those who prefer a little transparency. We also offer smaller end tables in a variety of soothing finishes that are ideal for lamps, flowers, or just about anything else you can think of. If you seek some modern flair for your living room, we have some eye-catching contemporary styles such as this adjustable accent table and this abstract metal table.

Aside from being visually appealing, coffee tables bring a near-endless amount of functionality to your living room or dining room furniture. Whether you go with a time-tested classic table for your coffee gatherings or decide to spice things up with an artistic accent table, our selection of coffee tables are guaranteed to spark conversation.

curio cabinetsEmerging at the height of the European Renaissance in the 16th century, curio cabinets have enjoyed a long and storied history for the past 500 years. Originally, enlightened philosophers, artists, and general adventurers used the cabinets (or wunderkammern) to show off trophies, souvenirs, and the prizes of international excursions. As the centuries succeeded each other, aristocratic families stored valuable heirlooms while scientists downsized the curio cabinet to store important artifacts and special collections.

In the 21st century, the modern curio cabinet has grown to become a permanent and essential piece of living room and dining room furniture and continues to accentuate many walls and corners today. We still display items with sentimental value and cherished family possessions in curio cabinets and One Way Furniture offers a wide selection to fit perfectly in any home.

Our favorite might well be the American Drew Jessica McClintock Curio Cabinet. This white, stately piece includes everything you need: two glass doors and four adjustable shelves, two touch-light systems, and a polished silver leaf finish. At long last, you can own an elegant cabinet to display your grandmother’s Norwegian silverware set, your jade vase from Thailand, and those gold-rimmed cocktail glasses you picked up in Las Vegas last year!

One Way FurnitureYour living room says a lot about your home. It is usually the first room guests will see when they walk in, so it is up to you to set a certain tone for your living area. Accents and accessories go a long way when it comes to setting a mood for your home furniture and our selection of grandfather clocks are one of the many ways to take your house guests back in time the second they step foot in the door.

Invented in England centuries ago, most modern grandfather clocks still look like old relics. Fortunately here at One Way Furniture, they will not cost the same as one. We have a vast variety of traditional grandfather clocks with visible pendulums by brands such as Ridgeway and Coaster. If you are looking for an equally beautiful but more versatile clock, the Howard Miller Le Rose Floor Clock contains several shelves for whatever you wish to store and display below your clock. And while most grandfather clocks come in classic wood finishes, we also sell models in a more contemporary black or Chili red.

Grandfather clocks are one of the best ways to add a tasteful, nostalgic touch to your home furniture. More than just a way to tell time, these clocks will instantly strike a chord with anyone who comes to visit and they are sure to spark up some conversation.

Cozy Up with an Electric Fireplace

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One Way FurnitureThe fireplace has been a standard complement to homes everywhere for centuries. What is more comforting and visually soothing than curling up in your living room in front of a crisp fire? And while the basic concept of this timeless invention has stayed the same, advances in technology now allow for electric fireplaces, which are simpler to maintain and much easier on your gas bill. If you are interested in taking your home furniture heating to the next level, One Way Furniture has a great selection of electric fireplaces.

Which kind of electric fire unit is good for you? It depends on the space you have available. For those looking to keep it simple, there are several wall-mounted models available. We also sell a wide variety of traditional electric fireplace mantels, which put a modern twist on the classic fireplaces you see in homes everywhere. If you are looking for the ultimate in convenience and eye-candy, we have many entertainment centers with built-in electric fireplaces. You are most likely using your fireplace when you relax and watch television, so why not combine the two?

There are no shortage of efficient, affordable ways to add the comforting glow of a fireplace to your home furniture setup. Thanks to One Way Furniture’s selection, you will be able to stay warm all winter without the cleanup and expense of an old fireplace.

Poker, chess, and billiards are among the many timeless games played in casinos and bars all around the world. But why should you have to leave the house for a great game experience? Here at One Way Furniture, we have an assortment of game tables that will transform your home into the ultimate destination for recreation.

Whether you gamble or play for fun, we have no shortage of poker tables. Many of our poker tables support various types of games, and double as dining tables. Want to play Texas Hold’ Em after dinner? You do not even have to leave your seat.

We have plenty of options for the chess players in your family, ranging from classic boards to the Lumisource LED Glow Chess Set, which features pieces that glow in blue and red for those who like a little flair.

Customers will no longer have to go to the local pool hall thanks to our assortment of billiards tables, which are available in junior and standard sizes. If you are looking for an authentic sports bar feel, we have a wide variety of NCAA-themed billiards tables too.

Whether you have a dedicated game room or are looking for something to complement your home furniture, our game tables make a great addition to any household. Just be ready to accommodate some guests because everyone around will want to come over and play!


Finding the Right Barstool

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One Way FurnitureWhether you just purchased one of our home bar setups or would like new seats for your establishment, there are endless ways to furnish a bar. If you are going for a simple sports bar look, or just want your guests to be extra comfortable, we have plenty of seating options at One Way Furniture.

For simplicity and affordability, we have a wide variety of backless barstools, which are a great way to replicate the feel of a local pub, or a great installment to the one you own. For those on a bigger budget seeking maximum comfort, our leather barstools will turn any room into a luxury lounge. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, we have a stylish selection of contemporary barstools.

Whether you are trying to make your bar or dining room look ultra-sleek, or want bar furniture fit for an abstract art museum, you are sure to find something you like. Once you have found the right barstools for you, we also have an assortment of pub tables to complete your dream bar.

With all of these options, why hit the bars this weekend? Find the perfect bar furniture at One Way Furniture and make your own!