Impress Your Neighbors with a 9′ Tree

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sauder furnitureHow was your Thanksgiving? Shh, you do not need to tell us. We have the most picturesque image in our minds of children and cousins holding hands. It looked like that, did it not?

Anyway, reading a name like One Way Furniture, you might think that was all that we specialized in–furniture–and you would be right, mostly. But in addition to our standard jewelry armoires and dining room furniture sets, we have an extensive supply of seasonal items. And with Christmas just a calendar page away, perhaps you are interested in some holiday decorations, ornaments, or lights. We have them all!

Meet our most popular Christmas tree, the 9′ North Valley Spruce. Just place this tree in a window or feature it in your living room and wait for it to radiate the spirit of the holidays. Not only does it come with 700 stunning, clear lights, they are also pre-strung! Have you heard of such a thing? Pre-strung lights!

But fret not, sentimental Christmas fans, North Valley did anything but eliminate your decorating traditions. Go on and dig that well-used cardboard box out of the crawl space in the basement. You still have plenty of tree branches just waiting to avail themselves to your ornaments!

dining room furnitureThanksgiving is this week and while there may not be enough time to order and receive a new table set for Thursday, the holiday season itself is still far from over. In just over a month, Christmas will be here. So what if you fail to impress your guests this time around? You still have time to wow them next month. We have dozens and dozens of new dining room furniture sets available, so it just might take you that long to narrow down your choices!

Of the new dining room sets, our favorite may very well be the Coaster Nottingham Traditional 8-Piece. No, this is not a fast food combo meal, but you could certainly enjoy one on this dining table if you like. Nottingham’s level of detail in this particular set is unmatched, unless you count some of the more elaborate pieces from Sauder furniture. Nevertheless, the chairs and cabinet here emit an almost Victorian-like aura. The legs and chair backs are ornately carved and the table itself features discreet drawers on the sides. Overseeing the dining room like a royal guard, the beautiful buffet with hutch becomes the true highlight of the set. With touch lighting and a solid birch build, the cabinet is perfect for china and other valuables.

jewelry armoiresFrom traditional bedroom sets to modern dining room furniture, American Drew has been a quality furniture provider for years and remains one of our favorite brand names. Every week we offer more than a hundred different models of jewelry armoires directly on our site. The crown jewel of our armoires may very well be the American Drew Jessica McClintock Dressing Armoire with Castered Stool.

Place this beautiful armoire in your room and you will probably need a large star to go along with it on your bedroom door. Complete with eight vanity lights and a dimmer switch, the armoire is handmade with walnut veneer and premium hardwoods. The fine folks at American Drew even found room to fit 12 individual jewelry drawers with felt bottoms. It has a center drawer and one adjustable shelf for makeup, perfume, and other essentials.

The final touch is undoubtedly the included stool. Finished in mink and built on a handy swivel, the stool can be comfortably stored and hidden underneath the center drawer and behind the walnut doors. And when you are done with your morning routine or you have finished preparing for that evening dinner party, simply turn off the lights and close the doors.

curio cabinetsEmerging at the height of the European Renaissance in the 16th century, curio cabinets have enjoyed a long and storied history for the past 500 years. Originally, enlightened philosophers, artists, and general adventurers used the cabinets (or wunderkammern) to show off trophies, souvenirs, and the prizes of international excursions. As the centuries succeeded each other, aristocratic families stored valuable heirlooms while scientists downsized the curio cabinet to store important artifacts and special collections.

In the 21st century, the modern curio cabinet has grown to become a permanent and essential piece of living room and dining room furniture and continues to accentuate many walls and corners today. We still display items with sentimental value and cherished family possessions in curio cabinets and One Way Furniture offers a wide selection to fit perfectly in any home.

Our favorite might well be the American Drew Jessica McClintock Curio Cabinet. This white, stately piece includes everything you need: two glass doors and four adjustable shelves, two touch-light systems, and a polished silver leaf finish. At long last, you can own an elegant cabinet to display your grandmother’s Norwegian silverware set, your jade vase from Thailand, and those gold-rimmed cocktail glasses you picked up in Las Vegas last year!

dining room furnitureAfter the wedding comes the assortment of all those gifts, and 80% of “those gifts” are probably your china set, along with other formal dining pieces and accessories. Until couples move into a home or find a bigger space, the china tends to end up in storage–meaning it is never used. When space becomes available, the china cabinet is a must to add to your dining room furniture.

Even when not in use, formal china can become a beautiful display for the dining room. Considering its high price tag, it certainly is a work of art. Before you decide on a cabinet or hutch, assess not only the space in the room, but how much china you own. The cabinet does not have to be just a place for the dinnerware, though. If you collect figurines, tea sets, or anything else you want on display, make room for them too.

The Fox Run China Cabinet is a beautiful piece for those who need a lot of storage space. Pieces can be displayed on top and there are cabinets and drawers underneath for even more. The cabinet is on sale for $2,219. The Delcastle Two-Tone Server, on the other hand, is best for customers who do not need quite as much storage room and prefer a shorter buffet-style table rather than a tall hutch. Browse our vast collection to find a hutch to meet your needs and start using that china!

dining room furnitureWhen purchasing dining room furniture separately, there are a few factors to keep in mind to ensure you make the best decision possible. It’s best to choose a dining room table first and find matching chairs after rather than vice versa. Start by determining size. How many chairs can comfortably fit around the table? If the table extends, do you have a place to store your extra chairs when the table is not extended?

Would you like chairs with arms or ones that are armless? This is a matter of personal choice. However, traditionally the armchairs at the head of the table have them and the rest do not. Do not let that trend sway you. There are no rules to style! The space around the table might be the determining factor. Armless chairs take up less space, but you may find armchairs are more comfortable.

Next, look to the style and material of the chair. How well does the color and style match the table? You don’t want a chair that doesn’t match well. Wood chairs are versatile and a popular choice. Upholstered dining chairs offer not only more comfort, but provide more color to the furniture.  Keep in mind comfort is probably at the top of the checklist. You and your family, as well as guests, will be sitting in these chairs. Choose a set of chairs that meet your needs.

dining room furnitureNext to the kitchen (both literally and figuratively), the dining room is one of the most popular spots in the home. It is where families and friends gather to share a meal and other special occasions. Dining room furniture should not only meet the style of the home, it should also be a place of comfortable and it should be accommodating to guests.

Start by measuring the dining room. You will need space to walk around both the table and pulled out chairs. Round or bistro tables work best for smaller rooms and rectangular tables will fill larger rooms. There should be about 48” between the edge of the table and the wall, or closest piece of furniture. Choose a set that fits both the architecture and style of the entire house.

Chairs can be purchased as a set with the table or separately. If purchasing separately, decide whether you’d prefer all wooden chairs or one with cushions. Chairs with seating upholstery are much more comfortable and not difficult to maintain. If opting for all wooden chairs, consider using chair cushions. Try to make the color and style of the wood as best as possible. Mixing and matching is only appealing to a certain degree with a furniture set.

dining room furnitureOne Way Furniture has plenty of dining room furniture to appease even the pickiest of shoppers. Before you even begin to browse though, you need to think about style. How is the rest of your home decorated? Is it ultra modern with lots of black and white and clean lines? Is it country themed, does it have traditional decor? What if you don’t have a style? Even people who don’t believe their home is decorated a particular way, do in fact have somewhat of a style –unless it really is an eclectic hodgepodge of contemporary Asian mixed with mid-West.

What styles do you gravitate towards? Do you want it homey and comfy? Do you like sleek, simple furniture? A more formal, regal feel? Once you begin to browse, you will immediately realize what you like and what you would never want in your home. If the room already has other furniture, like buffet tables and hutches, try to match. But don’t be afraid to purchase the dining room furniture first and tailor the rest of the room to fit the motif.

Afterward you can add small accents such as vases, centerpieces, artwork, etc. Take it step by step rather than trying to figure out every minute detail all at once. It might seem overwhelming, but at least you can rest easy knowing your saving money on the furniture!

Sales For Dads and Grads

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curio cabinetsThe month of June is split between remembering all that our dads do for us and celebrating the achievement of recent graduates. Sadly for dads, more of the focus tends to be on the grads. But here at One Way Furniture we can celebrate both with savings on furniture. Whether you’re buying furniture for either of these people or are just interested in doing some updates for the home, you can take advantage of the savings.

But perhaps dad would enjoy a new entertainment center for the flatscreen television and all his audio equipment. The den usually is the domain of dads across the country. Or if you’re not looking to spend that much, he could use DVD storage for his growing collection of movies. For high school graduates going away to college, they will definitely need some furniture for their dorms. They won’t need dining room furniture, obviously, but perhaps a side chair or some furniture to organize their tiny dorm room.

Save 5% off items over $999 and 10% off of items over $1999. The sale won’t last for long so take advantage and shop our large selection of furniture for the home. With awesome sales always going on, you can save every day.