patio furniture setsWith summer in full swing, everyone is looking for patio furniture sets and outdoor furniture in general. But now that you have the furniture (or will have after you make a purchase), now you need to know how to care for it. Here are some simple tips to keep it looking like new.

  1. Dust regularly. Dust, and lots of dirt, love the outdoors and can easily work their way into the open-weave pattern. Use a feather duster or vacuum nozzle to clean. Choose weatherproof cushions to avoid them from getting dirty rather quickly.
  2. For any tougher stains, use a sponge and some mild detergent. Rinse and allow to dry before using the furniture again. ┬áNever use a foam cleaner or sit on it while it’s damp. It can cause it to sag.
  3. For chipped paint, use a touch-up pen or spray paint. But check the manufacturer’s recommendation beforehand.
  4. Although the wicker furniture is meant for the outdoors, it’s still not a good idea to leave it out or uncovered during inclement weather. When winter rolls around, store it in a shed/garage.

With these practices in mind, you can extend the life of your furniture and enjoy using it out in the sun for years to come.