jewelry armoireIt’s no secret that most women love their jewelry, and as the years go on their collections build and build. One day a simple jewelry box isn’t going to cut it. With the investment of a jewelry armoire, your most valuable items can be better protected and finally organized. But what features should you look for in a jewelry armoire?

Well, for starters there needs to be ample drawer space. There can be anywhere from five to ten drawers. It all depends on how much jewelry you currently own and how much more you plan on purchasing over the next few years. You also need to consider how large your pieces of jewelry are, and of course how much space you have in the room. Consider how much room is actually in each drawer. Does it offer a variety of compartments for each type of jewelry? Most are velour-lined to protect your items from scratches.

If space allows, opt for a chest that has side drawers to hang necklaces so they do not become entangled. Most have a top compartment that folds up with a mirror on top, but think about if you really need/want that feature.

Just like any piece of furniture, jewelry armoires come in different styles and materials. What will match your personal taste best? Lastly, do you want locks on the drawers to protect your items or hidden compartments? These features can help safeguard your most prized possessions.