dining room furnitureNext to the kitchen (both literally and figuratively), the dining room is one of the most popular spots in the home. It is where families and friends gather to share a meal and other special occasions. Dining room furniture should not only meet the style of the home, it should also be a place of comfortable and it should be accommodating to guests.

Start by measuring the dining room. You will need space to walk around both the table and pulled out chairs. Round or bistro tables work best for smaller rooms and rectangular tables will fill larger rooms. There should be about 48” between the edge of the table and the wall, or closest piece of furniture. Choose a set that fits both the architecture and style of the entire house.

Chairs can be purchased as a set with the table or separately. If purchasing separately, decide whether you’d prefer all wooden chairs or one with cushions. Chairs with seating upholstery are much more comfortable and not difficult to maintain. If opting for all wooden chairs, consider using chair cushions. Try to make the color and style of the wood as best as possible. Mixing and matching is only appealing to a certain degree with a furniture set.

jewelry armoireIt’s no secret that most women love their jewelry, and as the years go on their collections build and build. One day a simple jewelry box isn’t going to cut it. With the investment of a jewelry armoire, your most valuable items can be better protected and finally organized. But what features should you look for in a jewelry armoire?

Well, for starters there needs to be ample drawer space. There can be anywhere from five to ten drawers. It all depends on how much jewelry you currently own and how much more you plan on purchasing over the next few years. You also need to consider how large your pieces of jewelry are, and of course how much space you have in the room. Consider how much room is actually in each drawer. Does it offer a variety of compartments for each type of jewelry? Most are velour-lined to protect your items from scratches.

If space allows, opt for a chest that has side drawers to hang necklaces so they do not become entangled. Most have a top compartment that folds up with a mirror on top, but think about if you really need/want that feature.

Just like any piece of furniture, jewelry armoires come in different styles and materials. What will match your personal taste best? Lastly, do you want locks on the drawers to protect your items or hidden compartments? These features can help safeguard your most prized possessions.

patio furniture setsWith summer in full swing, everyone is looking for patio furniture sets and outdoor furniture in general. But now that you have the furniture (or will have after you make a purchase), now you need to know how to care for it. Here are some simple tips to keep it looking like new.

  1. Dust regularly. Dust, and lots of dirt, love the outdoors and can easily work their way into the open-weave pattern. Use a feather duster or vacuum nozzle to clean. Choose weatherproof cushions to avoid them from getting dirty rather quickly.
  2. For any tougher stains, use a sponge and some mild detergent. Rinse and allow to dry before using the furniture again.  Never use a foam cleaner or sit on it while it’s damp. It can cause it to sag.
  3. For chipped paint, use a touch-up pen or spray paint. But check the manufacturer’s recommendation beforehand.
  4. Although the wicker furniture is meant for the outdoors, it’s still not a good idea to leave it out or uncovered during inclement weather. When winter rolls around, store it in a shed/garage.

With these practices in mind, you can extend the life of your furniture and enjoy using it out in the sun for years to come.

dining room furnitureOne Way Furniture has plenty of dining room furniture to appease even the pickiest of shoppers. Before you even begin to browse though, you need to think about style. How is the rest of your home decorated? Is it ultra modern with lots of black and white and clean lines? Is it country themed, does it have traditional decor? What if you don’t have a style? Even people who don’t believe their home is decorated a particular way, do in fact have somewhat of a style –unless it really is an eclectic hodgepodge of contemporary Asian mixed with mid-West.

What styles do you gravitate towards? Do you want it homey and comfy? Do you like sleek, simple furniture? A more formal, regal feel? Once you begin to browse, you will immediately realize what you like and what you would never want in your home. If the room already has other furniture, like buffet tables and hutches, try to match. But don’t be afraid to purchase the dining room furniture first and tailor the rest of the room to fit the motif.

Afterward you can add small accents such as vases, centerpieces, artwork, etc. Take it step by step rather than trying to figure out every minute detail all at once. It might seem overwhelming, but at least you can rest easy knowing your saving money on the furniture!

patio furnitureWith warm weather finally here, most of us would rather be spending our days and our nights outside, soaking up the sun, barbecuing with friends, and enjoying time with family and friends not cooped up in the house. Patio furniture not only creates a comfortable setting, but also creates a certain mood and style that you want for your backyard area. Depending on your space, there are plenty of options here at One Way Furniture.

Before you decide, think about how you will be spending your time outside. If you plan on entertaining guests, you need to have a large enough table and chairs to seat everyone comfortably. If you’d rather just sit, relax, and sip a Mojito, consider wicker chairs, sectional sofas, benches, loveseats, and individual chairs. But if you have room for both, you can create a beautiful outdoor sanctuary. Space somewhat limited? Try a chaise lounge or two for relaxing or wooden teak chairs. Add a small end table for convenience. Bar tables and chairs are also available, ranging from simple table sets to full islands. Turn your backyard into a tropical paradise with an island bar.

With discount prices, you can truly create a beautiful setup with our patio furniture, no matter how minimal or luxurious you wish it to be.

curio cabinetsThe month of June is split between remembering all that our dads do for us and celebrating the achievement of recent graduates. Sadly for dads, more of the focus tends to be on the grads. But here at One Way Furniture we can celebrate both with savings on furniture. Whether you’re buying furniture for either of these people or are just interested in doing some updates for the home, you can take advantage of the savings.

But perhaps dad would enjoy a new entertainment center for the flatscreen television and all his audio equipment. The den usually is the domain of dads across the country. Or if you’re not looking to spend that much, he could use DVD storage for his growing collection of movies. For high school graduates going away to college, they will definitely need some furniture for their dorms. They won’t need dining room furniture, obviously, but perhaps a side chair or some furniture to organize their tiny dorm room.

Save 5% off items over $999 and 10% off of items over $1999. The sale won’t last for long so take advantage and shop our large selection of furniture for the home. With awesome sales always going on, you can save every day.