dining room furnitureIf we all owned our dream home, it would be complete with not only a sun room, expansive master bedroom, and a walk-in closet, it would contain a kitchen large enough to make a renowned chef drool. Whether you love or hate to cook, we can all agree that a spacious kitchen is a desirable factor when buying a house. But alas, your kitchen is not so roomy. What can you do create more space?

  1. Purchase a microwave kitchen cart. Even the smallest microwaves still take up valuable counter space. If you cannot install one underneath the cabinets, a cart is the next best option. Not only will you rid the counter of a microwave, you can rid it of canisters, knife blocks, spice racks, and other items thanks to the additional storage shelves and cabinets on the cart.
  2. Consider a kitchen island. If the kitchen is wide enough, an island might be a better option than a microwave cart. Kitchen islands are bigger, provide more storage room, and double as a countertop to eat off of.
  3. Choose a drop-leaf table. The drop-leaf table creates space when you need it, either by extra table space or by taking up less room when the leaf is down.

DVD storageMedia lovers understand the importance of keeping their belongings organized and together. Without the proper DVD storage solution, you will end up with piles of movies, discs, and video games, stacked together without any rhyme or reason. We offer a variety of DVD storage cabinets here at One Way Furniture, but we recommend enclosed cabinets. Why? Because imagine the amount of dust that will collect on such large cabinets. Even though the shelves may be packed, dust can still build up in all the little crevices.

Media cabinets with closed doors can reduce the amount of buildup, making the cleanup a lot easier. Imagine cleaning all the shelves of a massive cabinet that can fit hundreds of media items! It would be time consuming, to say the least. Many of our towers and cabinets come with either glass doors, which just need a little glass cleaner, or wooden doors. But cabinet doors do not imply no cleaning required. Use furniture polish and cleaners safe for wood to keep them dust-free and shining like new.

We offer quite a selection in wide range of styles, sizes, and price ranges. Enjoy affordable sale prices and free shipping on all our media cabinets.

dining room furnitureAfter the wedding comes the assortment of all those gifts, and 80% of “those gifts” are probably your china set, along with other formal dining pieces and accessories. Until couples move into a home or find a bigger space, the china tends to end up in storage–meaning it is never used. When space becomes available, the china cabinet is a must to add to your dining room furniture.

Even when not in use, formal china can become a beautiful display for the dining room. Considering its high price tag, it certainly is a work of art. Before you decide on a cabinet or hutch, assess not only the space in the room, but how much china you own. The cabinet does not have to be just a place for the dinnerware, though. If you collect figurines, tea sets, or anything else you want on display, make room for them too.

The Fox Run China Cabinet is a beautiful piece for those who need a lot of storage space. Pieces can be displayed on top and there are cabinets and drawers underneath for even more. The cabinet is on sale for $2,219. The Delcastle Two-Tone Server, on the other hand, is best for customers who do not need quite as much storage room and prefer a shorter buffet-style table rather than a tall hutch. Browse our vast collection to find a hutch to meet your needs and start using that china!

patio furniture setsSummer isn’t officially over and there are still plenty of days left to enjoy one’s patio furniture sets. Eventually the air will cool down with the coming winter and, for many of us across the states, the snowfall can end up damaging the furniture. And do not forget it is hurricane season! Start making preparations to keep your furniture safe through the rainy and wintry seasons.

  1. Before placing in storage, clean all the furniture of the summer’s grime and dirt. Lightly scrub pieces with mild soap and water. Thoroughly rinse and allow the each piece to dry completely.
  2. Furniture that needs to be kept indoors include wicker, steel, fabric (pillows and cushions), and natural stone. Extreme temperature fluctuations easily damage wicker and natural stone. Steel and wrought-iron will rust and table umbrellas can mold and mildew if left outside.
  3. Aluminum is safe outdoors, but you may want to take the items in during inclement weather. Wood is safe outside too, but if you cover wood furniture, it will trap moisture and form mildew.
  4. If you do not have a place to store furniture, and do not wish to rent a storage unit, we sell storage sheds. However, large patio furniture sets might be best in a storage facility. Keep furniture well covered to prevent dust and dirt buildup.

When decorating the home, accent furniture and accessories often end up being the focus. They are yet another way to provide personality and a unique touch to the home. One such accent not often seen in every home is a drum table. The drum table is a round table taller than an end table that serves multiple purposes. Most styles offer additional storage space with a front door cabinet. Add storage without sacrificing too much space or style.

The tables can be used in place of an end table in a living room or study. They can even be used instead of a traditional nightstand in the bedroom or simply act an additional accent piece. So much of our furniture is square or rectangular and the drum table is the perfect solution to add a new dimension to the room. Our tables here at One Way Furniture are made of high-quality materials, including vintage oak and deep mahogany.

Beautifully hand-painted drum tables are a sophisticated accent piece that are sure to quickly become a favorite in your home. Browse our unique selection to find a piece that will enhance the room without going over budget. And enjoy free shipping as well!

dining room furnitureWhen purchasing dining room furniture separately, there are a few factors to keep in mind to ensure you make the best decision possible. It’s best to choose a dining room table first and find matching chairs after rather than vice versa. Start by determining size. How many chairs can comfortably fit around the table? If the table extends, do you have a place to store your extra chairs when the table is not extended?

Would you like chairs with arms or ones that are armless? This is a matter of personal choice. However, traditionally the armchairs at the head of the table have them and the rest do not. Do not let that trend sway you. There are no rules to style! The space around the table might be the determining factor. Armless chairs take up less space, but you may find armchairs are more comfortable.

Next, look to the style and material of the chair. How well does the color and style match the table? You don’t want a chair that doesn’t match well. Wood chairs are versatile and a popular choice. Upholstered dining chairs offer not only more comfort, but provide more color to the furniture.  Keep in mind comfort is probably at the top of the checklist. You and your family, as well as guests, will be sitting in these chairs. Choose a set of chairs that meet your needs.

DVD storageOver the years one’s media collection grows to insurmountable levels. You feel as though you never stop acquiring DVDs, video games, and music. At least the digital age of music has led to a drastic decline of physical discs. Most of us are simply stuck with the CDs of the past, narrowing all of our future purchases to downloadable ones.

Keeping a media collection under control is crucial if you don’t want to deal with a jumbled pile of discs. At One Way Furniture, our DVD storage solutions are as vast as your media collections themselves. Begin by assessing your collection. The CDs you still own, do you want to keep them or simply rip them onto your computer? A space-saving solution is to ditch the jewel cases and place them in smaller sleeves so you can keep them as a backup. Next, think about how often you purchase DVDs. If your collection is rather small, why invest in DVD storage that can fit up to 500 movies?

The idea is to choose a storage unit that can fit what you already own with plenty of leftover space for the more important future.  Then you are able to think about the nitty-gritty. The small details such as enclosed cabinets, sliding glass doors, an oak finish, etc. With the right assessment, you can make one simple purchase that will last you for years to come.

dining room furnitureWhen you start to think about the reasons to own a kitchen island, you suddenly realize how incredibly versatile they are. First and foremost, a kitchen island provides extra counter space, both for eating and for preparing food. Don’t want or have room for a table? An island is the perfect solution. Just pull up a chair or stool and suddenly you have an eat-in kitchen.

Kitchen islands also provide extra storage space for dinnerware and cookware. No more digging through cabinets, playing Jenga with your pots and pans. Ample cabinet space in the kitchen is sometimes hard to come by and now there is no reason to feel like your kitchen is cramped and overflowing.

Depending on the model you choose, several of our designs are on wheels, making it easy to create ample space in the kitchen when needed. The kitchen island is able to both create and save space at the same time. How many other pieces of furniture in your home can do that?

With ample designs and multiple sizes, you can find the right kitchen island that is best suited for your space. Whether it be compact and mobile or large and spacious, we have the right kitchen solution for you.

patio furniture setsA fire pit can be just what your backyard needs during these summer nights. They make a wonderful addition to your patio furniture sets and come in a variety of styles. Before you set your sights on one of our fire pits, learn a bit more about popular designs.

  1. Chimineas are a unique choice, adding style to the backyard. They are short with a circular bottom and tube above. They are typically made from copper, cast iron, and other metals. Chimineas can be used to cook food or as a source of heat using wood logs.
  2. Free-standing fire pits are easy to set up, portable, and come in a variety of styles, designs, and shapes. There are circular pits made with slate, clay pits with stars and moons, outdoor fire bowls with granite, and much more.
  3. Outdoor fireplaces are a bit different from the other two. A fireplace is used for lighting, ambiance, and warmth. The other two styles can also be used for cooking and roasting marshmallows for s’mores.

Consider investing in a spark screen, if it doesn’t already come with one, to allow fresh air to feed the fire and prevent sparks from getting out. Browse our selection of fire pits today before summertime fun flies by.

bar furnitureImbibing alcohol is not just a way for those in their 20s to socialize on a Friday or Saturday night. Enjoying a cocktail after work to unwind or having a healthy hobby tasting wines or fine scotch whiskey is commonplace. Are you the type who entertains often at the home? Or perhaps you’re an avid whiskey collector and drinker. Either way, a home bar is a great way to store, organize, and entertain.

Here at One Way Furniture we have bar furniture ranging from the modest to the elaborate. For example, if you’re more concerned about storage, the Home Styles Steamer Trunk is a suitable option. There’s plenty of room for liquor bottles and hanging stemware. It’s also moderately priced at $499.

What if you do a lot of entertaining and need room to cut up lemon wedges and store olives? Perhaps the Santa Maria Home Bar is more your style. It’s beautifully carved and offers plenty of space to prepare drinks for all your guests.

Before thinking about the color of wood, consider your needs. Do you just need dedicated cabinet space or would you like the piece to double as a bar where people can pull up a stool and relax? From the simple to the elite, we have furniture to create the ideal home bar.