Patio Furniture SetsOne of the best ways to socialize this summer is outdoors! Summer is the season to be outside and enjoy the warm weather with great friends and great food. Whether you’re an outdoor party-pro or looking to dive into the social scene this summer, here are a few tips to make sure your events are a success!

  • Sociable Seating – To create the best seating options for an outdoor event, make sure to have plenty of seating arranged in a way that people can talk. Group chairs together around tables or in shaded areas and use benches and other multi-person seats to encourage people sitting together. Pieces like the Atlantic Marseille Outdoor Patio Sectional pictured in this post are great at bringing groups together. Find more sociable seating selections here!
  • Comfortable Environment – Your guests will relax and enjoy the party even more if they don’t have to worry about burning in the sun or sitting somewhere unpleasant. Position tables and seats in shaded areas with the use of umbrellas or trees to keep guests cool and comfortable. Make sure that the ground is level if you’re entertaining without a deck or patio.
  • Lighten Up! – Keep the party rolling after the sun sets. One Way Furniture has a wide selection of outdoor lighting that can be installed on exterior walls, decks and patios. You don’t have to shine a spotlight on your backyard, but enough light to avoid tripping and for guests to see who they’re talking to is always a good idea.

Patio Furniture SetsDeck and patio season is finally here! Summer is the perfect time to enjoy dining outdoors, barbecue, pool parties, and relaxing afternoons in the sun. Make sure you get the most out of your deck or patio this summer with beautiful and comfortable patio furniture sets from One Way Furniture.

A perennial favorite of our patio patrons is our teak outdoor furniture collection. Teak is an excellent option for patio and deck furniture because of its appealing aesthetic and natural durability. Found mainly in South and Southeast Asia, the natural oils in teak give this fantastic wood a natural resistance to water and pests such as termites.

Our outdoor teak furniture collection features a large variety of pieces for any outdoor space. If you’re planning on entertaining guests outside this summer, a striking and durable outdoor table and chair set is just as important as quality dining room furniture. No matter how big or small your crowd is, the Hamburg Nine-piece Teak Dining Set pictured here will be the perfect fit. This rectangular dining centerpiece is expandable so its size can adjust to accommodate a romantic dinner party of two, or the easy-to-store folding arm chairs can be brought out and the table expanded to fit nine people for a fun summer barbecue!


Dining Room Furniture

Mother’s Day is less than a week away! Whether the mother in your life wants to finish off her kitchen with new chairs, add comfortable furniture to the deck or patio for the summer, or complete her bedroom with the perfect matching pieces, One Way Furniture’s Mother’s Day Sale is here to help!

This Mother’s Day, when you buy any two items on our website, you’ll get a third item at 25% off! Plus, extra savings on orders over $600!

In case you haven’t received any hints of what gifts mom might want, we have a few ideas that she will love for you!

An easy way to rejuvenate any kitchen or dining room is with new dining chairs. With this sale, dining room furniture chairs are perfect since you will need more than one. A trend this season that we love is to break away from the traditional style of using four or more identical chairs around your table. Mix things up by using chairs that are similar in style, but differ in color or design to keep your dining table interesting!

Patio furniture sets are another perfect idea for this Mother’s Day sale. Adding a few comfortable and stylish chairs, couches and tables to your deck or patio are just what mom needs for a summer of fun and relaxing!

How to Store Patio Furniture Sets

September 5th, 2012 | Posted by MattY in Patio Furniture - (0 Comments)

patio furniture setsSummer isn’t officially over and there are still plenty of days left to enjoy one’s patio furniture sets. Eventually the air will cool down with the coming winter and, for many of us across the states, the snowfall can end up damaging the furniture. And do not forget it is hurricane season! Start making preparations to keep your furniture safe through the rainy and wintry seasons.

  1. Before placing in storage, clean all the furniture of the summer’s grime and dirt. Lightly scrub pieces with mild soap and water. Thoroughly rinse and allow the each piece to dry completely.
  2. Furniture that needs to be kept indoors include wicker, steel, fabric (pillows and cushions), and natural stone. Extreme temperature fluctuations easily damage wicker and natural stone. Steel and wrought-iron will rust and table umbrellas can mold and mildew if left outside.
  3. Aluminum is safe outdoors, but you may want to take the items in during inclement weather. Wood is safe outside too, but if you cover wood furniture, it will trap moisture and form mildew.
  4. If you do not have a place to store furniture, and do not wish to rent a storage unit, we sell storage sheds. However, large patio furniture sets might be best in a storage facility. Keep furniture well covered to prevent dust and dirt buildup.

patio furniture setsA fire pit can be just what your backyard needs during these summer nights. They make a wonderful addition to your patio furniture sets and come in a variety of styles. Before you set your sights on one of our fire pits, learn a bit more about popular designs.

  1. Chimineas are a unique choice, adding style to the backyard. They are short with a circular bottom and tube above. They are typically made from copper, cast iron, and other metals. Chimineas can be used to cook food or as a source of heat using wood logs.
  2. Free-standing fire pits are easy to set up, portable, and come in a variety of styles, designs, and shapes. There are circular pits made with slate, clay pits with stars and moons, outdoor fire bowls with granite, and much more.
  3. Outdoor fireplaces are a bit different from the other two. A fireplace is used for lighting, ambiance, and warmth. The other two styles can also be used for cooking and roasting marshmallows for s’mores.

Consider investing in a spark screen, if it doesn’t already come with one, to allow fresh air to feed the fire and prevent sparks from getting out. Browse our selection of fire pits today before summertime fun flies by.

patio furniture setsWith summer in full swing, everyone is looking for patio furniture sets and outdoor furniture in general. But now that you have the furniture (or will have after you make a purchase), now you need to know how to care for it. Here are some simple tips to keep it looking like new.

  1. Dust regularly. Dust, and lots of dirt, love the outdoors and can easily work their way into the open-weave pattern. Use a feather duster or vacuum nozzle to clean. Choose weatherproof cushions to avoid them from getting dirty rather quickly.
  2. For any tougher stains, use a sponge and some mild detergent. Rinse and allow to dry before using the furniture again.  Never use a foam cleaner or sit on it while it’s damp. It can cause it to sag.
  3. For chipped paint, use a touch-up pen or spray paint. But check the manufacturer’s recommendation beforehand.
  4. Although the wicker furniture is meant for the outdoors, it’s still not a good idea to leave it out or uncovered during inclement weather. When winter rolls around, store it in a shed/garage.

With these practices in mind, you can extend the life of your furniture and enjoy using it out in the sun for years to come.

patio furnitureWith warm weather finally here, most of us would rather be spending our days and our nights outside, soaking up the sun, barbecuing with friends, and enjoying time with family and friends not cooped up in the house. Patio furniture not only creates a comfortable setting, but also creates a certain mood and style that you want for your backyard area. Depending on your space, there are plenty of options here at One Way Furniture.

Before you decide, think about how you will be spending your time outside. If you plan on entertaining guests, you need to have a large enough table and chairs to seat everyone comfortably. If you’d rather just sit, relax, and sip a Mojito, consider wicker chairs, sectional sofas, benches, loveseats, and individual chairs. But if you have room for both, you can create a beautiful outdoor sanctuary. Space somewhat limited? Try a chaise lounge or two for relaxing or wooden teak chairs. Add a small end table for convenience. Bar tables and chairs are also available, ranging from simple table sets to full islands. Turn your backyard into a tropical paradise with an island bar.

With discount prices, you can truly create a beautiful setup with our patio furniture, no matter how minimal or luxurious you wish it to be.