A Kitchen Island Does It All

August 6th, 2012 | Posted by MattY in Home Furniture - (0 Comments)

dining room furnitureWhen you start to think about the reasons to own a kitchen island, you suddenly realize how incredibly versatile they are. First and foremost, a kitchen island provides extra counter space, both for eating and for preparing food. Don’t want or have room for a table? An island is the perfect solution. Just pull up a chair or stool and suddenly you have an eat-in kitchen.

Kitchen islands also provide extra storage space for dinnerware and cookware. No more digging through cabinets, playing Jenga with your pots and pans. Ample cabinet space in the kitchen is sometimes hard to come by and now there is no reason to feel like your kitchen is cramped and overflowing.

Depending on the model you choose, several of our designs are on wheels, making it easy to create ample space in the kitchen when needed. The kitchen island is able to both create and save space at the same time. How many other pieces of furniture in your home can do that?

With ample designs and multiple sizes, you can find the right kitchen island that is best suited for your space. Whether it be compact and mobile or large and spacious, we have the right kitchen solution for you.

The Bar Is Now Open

July 24th, 2012 | Posted by MattY in Home Furniture - (0 Comments)

bar furnitureImbibing alcohol is not just a way for those in their 20s to socialize on a Friday or Saturday night. Enjoying a cocktail after work to unwind or having a healthy hobby tasting wines or fine scotch whiskey is commonplace. Are you the type who entertains often at the home? Or perhaps you’re an avid whiskey collector and drinker. Either way, a home bar is a great way to store, organize, and entertain.

Here at One Way Furniture we have bar furniture ranging from the modest to the elaborate. For example, if you’re more concerned about storage, the Home Styles Steamer Trunk is a suitable option. There’s plenty of room for liquor bottles and hanging stemware. It’s also moderately priced at $499.

What if you do a lot of entertaining and need room to cut up lemon wedges and store olives? Perhaps the Santa Maria Home Bar is more your style. It’s beautifully carved and offers plenty of space to prepare drinks for all your guests.

Before thinking about the color of wood, consider your needs. Do you just need dedicated cabinet space or would you like the piece to double as a bar where people can pull up a stool and relax? From the simple to the elite, we have furniture to create the ideal home bar.