dining room furnitureWhen purchasing dining room furniture separately, there are a few factors to keep in mind to ensure you make the best decision possible. It’s best to choose a dining room table first and find matching chairs after rather than vice versa. Start by determining size. How many chairs can comfortably fit around the table? If the table extends, do you have a place to store your extra chairs when the table is not extended?

Would you like chairs with arms or ones that are armless? This is a matter of personal choice. However, traditionally the armchairs at the head of the table have them and the rest do not. Do not let that trend sway you. There are no rules to style! The space around the table might be the determining factor. Armless chairs take up less space, but you may find armchairs are more comfortable.

Next, look to the style and material of the chair. How well does the color and style match the table? You don’t want a chair that doesn’t match well. Wood chairs are versatile and a popular choice. Upholstered dining chairs offer not only more comfort, but provide more color to the furniture.  Keep in mind comfort is probably at the top of the checklist. You and your family, as well as guests, will be sitting in these chairs. Choose a set of chairs that meet your needs.

dining room furnitureNext to the kitchen (both literally and figuratively), the dining room is one of the most popular spots in the home. It is where families and friends gather to share a meal and other special occasions. Dining room furniture should not only meet the style of the home, it should also be a place of comfortable and it should be accommodating to guests.

Start by measuring the dining room. You will need space to walk around both the table and pulled out chairs. Round or bistro tables work best for smaller rooms and rectangular tables will fill larger rooms. There should be about 48” between the edge of the table and the wall, or closest piece of furniture. Choose a set that fits both the architecture and style of the entire house.

Chairs can be purchased as a set with the table or separately. If purchasing separately, decide whether you’d prefer all wooden chairs or one with cushions. Chairs with seating upholstery are much more comfortable and not difficult to maintain. If opting for all wooden chairs, consider using chair cushions. Try to make the color and style of the wood as best as possible. Mixing and matching is only appealing to a certain degree with a furniture set.

dining room furnitureOne Way Furniture has plenty of dining room furniture to appease even the pickiest of shoppers. Before you even begin to browse though, you need to think about style. How is the rest of your home decorated? Is it ultra modern with lots of black and white and clean lines? Is it country themed, does it have traditional decor? What if you don’t have a style? Even people who don’t believe their home is decorated a particular way, do in fact have somewhat of a style –unless it really is an eclectic hodgepodge of contemporary Asian mixed with mid-West.

What styles do you gravitate towards? Do you want it homey and comfy? Do you like sleek, simple furniture? A more formal, regal feel? Once you begin to browse, you will immediately realize what you like and what you would never want in your home. If the room already has other furniture, like buffet tables and hutches, try to match. But don’t be afraid to purchase the dining room furniture first and tailor the rest of the room to fit the motif.

Afterward you can add small accents such as vases, centerpieces, artwork, etc. Take it step by step rather than trying to figure out every minute detail all at once. It might seem overwhelming, but at least you can rest easy knowing your saving money on the furniture!