Sauder FurnitureWhile you probably don’t have much of a need to store vast hordes of treasure or safeguard a priceless collection of silver dining pieces, chests still make excellent additions to home decorating.

Traditionally, chests have been used to safely store valuable items; utilizing heavy wood frames and strong locks. Today, chests with details like that are sought after for their aesthetic appeal more than their security features. With a more visual role in mind, uses for chests have become more creative and are often featured as great accent pieces to a seating or bedroom area.

In a living room, chests, such as the pictured Shoal Creek Storage Chest from Sauder furniture, make for excellent replacements for traditional coffee tables. Their low profile often creates an ideal height for use as a coffee table and their design makes them unique and interesting. Chests also work great as end tables if used next to large pieces of furniture. These living room tables are also practical as places for extra pillow, blanket, or DVD storage.

Another traditional use of chests is as a storage space at the foot of a bed. Similar to a seating area, you can also use a chest as a nightstand or accent table near your bed depending on the height. Make sure to add some great decorations to the top of them!


Dining Room Furiniture

Creative and space saving designs for jewelry armoires are a great twist on a storage staple. Now, jewelry armoires are being designed to fit any space, to serve multiple purposes, and match the décor of any room or home. Here are three of our favorite creative pieces:

First, the Powell Walnut Cheval Jewelry Wardrobe with Mirrored Front outwardly appears to be a streamlined floor mirror with a rich walnut finish. Upon further inspection, the front of this secretive storage piece swings open to reveal a large area for your entire jewelry collection. We love the practicality of this elegant mirror and its clever design.

Next, the Holly & Martin Stella Photo Display Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire is a smaller piece, measuring 12” by 22”. As a wall-mounted unit, it is perfect for freeing up space in any room. At first glance, it looks like a handsome photo frame that can hold up to three 5”x7” photos. Inside, six cubby holes and two earring racks offer a great amount of storage.

Our last selection combines features from both of our previous picks. The Proman Mahogany Venice Bellisimo Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire is a wall-mounted piece that features both a mirrored front, and space for six photographs alongside the mirror.

Make sure to check out these creative pieces, storage selections from Sauder furniture, and more in our bedrooms section!

Sauder Furniture

End tables and accent tables are the perfect addition to any living room or dining room furniture set. These small surfaces are a great way to tie seating areas together and provide space to showcase decorative items, incorporate subtle lighting through lamps and providing functional surfaces for storage.

In addition to placing end tables between chairs or couches in a living room space, they can be creatively used in any room of the house.  Here’s a short list of easy end table solutions:

  • Extra surface area for appliances in the kitchen
  • Nightstands next to a bed
  • Break up a long hallway with an accent table full of interesting decorations
  • Arrange two or three together for a unique coffee table replacement
  • Place over an extension cord or mobile device chargers for a more decorative charging station solution

Accent tables are also great for creating a rhythm to a room and continuity in a space. By using identical tables that stand out because of their distinctive design, eyes in the space will follow them around the room and tie it all together.

Make sure to take advantage of our great sales going on, including our Clearance Sale! Buy any 2 items and get the 3rd at 25% off, plus additional saving depending on order size. This is a great way to fill up your space with elegant end tables from brands like Sauder furniture.

dvd storageWhy is it so difficult to buy gifts for men? Enable Google Instant on your favorite search bar and just start typing, “Hard to buy” if you do not believe us. Google will automatically fill in the rest of the search term with suggestions like “men’s gifts” or “for dads.” It seems even the savviest Internet users are at a loss when it comes to wrapping something up for the men in their lives. Fortunately, we offer much more than Sauder furniture sets at One Way Furniture.

Navigate to our homepage. See that “Holiday Gift Ideas” icon in the upper right? Click it and spend some time browsing there. We have over a dozen sections of gift ideas for co-workers, children, college students, women, and yes– men too. Under our Unique Gifts For Men banner you will find a myriad of distinguished presents like mantel clocks, vintage telephones, and electric fireplaces.

Force us to choose, and we will probably pick our discounted flat screen TV stands as our favorite. We just received several new models from Kathy Ireland, and all of them are spectacular. Featuring smart DVD storage options below, the larger stands are made of dark wood and would make a welcome addition to any den.

dvd storageWhen you hear the phrase, “Christmas creep,” you might think of a sordid, malevolent fiend who lurks in shopping aisles with disdain for all those who observe the holiday. But you would be really far off if you did. No, the Christmas creep is when retailers push for an early start to holiday shopping through in-store displays and premature promotions. If you are anything like us, you detest seeing Christmas campaigns before Thanksgiving. We really savor our holidays and that goes for their corresponding savings events too, which is why we introduced our Christmas sale just last week.

All this month, we are offering a host of fabulous discounts that apply for all of our products. In addition to our concurrent sale prices throughout the site, you can expect huge savings that only increase with the more you purchase. For any order totaling more than $750, you will automatically receive $50 off. Just like that, gone! The same goes for larger purchases too: $100 off orders over $1,500; $200 off orders over $2,000; and $300 off orders over $2,750. Whether you buy a complete Sauder furniture set or a new entertainment center with DVD storage, we guarantee a happy transaction when you buy your gifts from One Way Furniture this season.

sauder furnitureFor children, the highest thrill is the sight of a large gift wrapped next to the Christmas tree. A present so inexcusably enormous, it cannot be shaken to determine its contents. At One Way Furniture, we have hundreds of these gifts, the ones that grow into lasting holiday memories alongside backyard sledding excursions and fireside gatherings.

Once the family clears the table, returns the dining room furniture, and prepares to unwrap gifts, we know that kids are probably not hoping for a pair of curio cabinets under the tree, which is specifically why we carry playroom furniture. Whitney Bros is one of our favorite manufacturers and their Climb and Slide Play Tower is one of their best ever. At just the perfect height for small children, this tower features three-way access with a mock rock wall, ladder, and stairs. The pièce de résistance, of course, is the blue slide. Overall, the equipment is built from dependable birch wood with a natural finish and is Green Guard certified.

While we are obviously partial to their larger furniture, we also offer plenty of Whitney Bros’ smaller items like tabletop light boxes, mirror stands, and coat racks. If you need a unique gift for a toddler this year, our selection is sure to satisfy.

Impress Your Neighbors with a 9′ Tree

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sauder furnitureHow was your Thanksgiving? Shh, you do not need to tell us. We have the most picturesque image in our minds of children and cousins holding hands. It looked like that, did it not?

Anyway, reading a name like One Way Furniture, you might think that was all that we specialized in–furniture–and you would be right, mostly. But in addition to our standard jewelry armoires and dining room furniture sets, we have an extensive supply of seasonal items. And with Christmas just a calendar page away, perhaps you are interested in some holiday decorations, ornaments, or lights. We have them all!

Meet our most popular Christmas tree, the 9′ North Valley Spruce. Just place this tree in a window or feature it in your living room and wait for it to radiate the spirit of the holidays. Not only does it come with 700 stunning, clear lights, they are also pre-strung! Have you heard of such a thing? Pre-strung lights!

But fret not, sentimental Christmas fans, North Valley did anything but eliminate your decorating traditions. Go on and dig that well-used cardboard box out of the crawl space in the basement. You still have plenty of tree branches just waiting to avail themselves to your ornaments!

Enclosed DVD Storage Solutions

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DVD storageMedia lovers understand the importance of keeping their belongings organized and together. Without the proper DVD storage solution, you will end up with piles of movies, discs, and video games, stacked together without any rhyme or reason. We offer a variety of DVD storage cabinets here at One Way Furniture, but we recommend enclosed cabinets. Why? Because imagine the amount of dust that will collect on such large cabinets. Even though the shelves may be packed, dust can still build up in all the little crevices.

Media cabinets with closed doors can reduce the amount of buildup, making the cleanup a lot easier. Imagine cleaning all the shelves of a massive cabinet that can fit hundreds of media items! It would be time consuming, to say the least. Many of our towers and cabinets come with either glass doors, which just need a little glass cleaner, or wooden doors. But cabinet doors do not imply no cleaning required. Use furniture polish and cleaners safe for wood to keep them dust-free and shining like new.

We offer quite a selection in wide range of styles, sizes, and price ranges. Enjoy affordable sale prices and free shipping on all our media cabinets.

Organizing Your Media

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DVD storageOver the years one’s media collection grows to insurmountable levels. You feel as though you never stop acquiring DVDs, video games, and music. At least the digital age of music has led to a drastic decline of physical discs. Most of us are simply stuck with the CDs of the past, narrowing all of our future purchases to downloadable ones.

Keeping a media collection under control is crucial if you don’t want to deal with a jumbled pile of discs. At One Way Furniture, our DVD storage solutions are as vast as your media collections themselves. Begin by assessing your collection. The CDs you still own, do you want to keep them or simply rip them onto your computer? A space-saving solution is to ditch the jewel cases and place them in smaller sleeves so you can keep them as a backup. Next, think about how often you purchase DVDs. If your collection is rather small, why invest in DVD storage that can fit up to 500 movies?

The idea is to choose a storage unit that can fit what you already own with plenty of leftover space for the more important future.  Then you are able to think about the nitty-gritty. The small details such as enclosed cabinets, sliding glass doors, an oak finish, etc. With the right assessment, you can make one simple purchase that will last you for years to come.

patio furniture setsA fire pit can be just what your backyard needs during these summer nights. They make a wonderful addition to your patio furniture sets and come in a variety of styles. Before you set your sights on one of our fire pits, learn a bit more about popular designs.

  1. Chimineas are a unique choice, adding style to the backyard. They are short with a circular bottom and tube above. They are typically made from copper, cast iron, and other metals. Chimineas can be used to cook food or as a source of heat using wood logs.
  2. Free-standing fire pits are easy to set up, portable, and come in a variety of styles, designs, and shapes. There are circular pits made with slate, clay pits with stars and moons, outdoor fire bowls with granite, and much more.
  3. Outdoor fireplaces are a bit different from the other two. A fireplace is used for lighting, ambiance, and warmth. The other two styles can also be used for cooking and roasting marshmallows for s’mores.

Consider investing in a spark screen, if it doesn’t already come with one, to allow fresh air to feed the fire and prevent sparks from getting out. Browse our selection of fire pits today before summertime fun flies by.