Add Vintage Atmosphere to Your Home with Grandfather Clocks

November 1st, 2012 | Posted by MattY in Home Furniture

One Way FurnitureYour living room says a lot about your home. It is usually the first room guests will see when they walk in, so it is up to you to set a certain tone for your living area. Accents and accessories go a long way when it comes to setting a mood for your home furniture and our selection of grandfather clocks are one of the many ways to take your house guests back in time the second they step foot in the door.

Invented in England centuries ago, most modern grandfather clocks still look like old relics. Fortunately here at One Way Furniture, they will not cost the same as one. We have a vast variety of traditional grandfather clocks with visible pendulums by brands such as Ridgeway and Coaster. If you are looking for an equally beautiful but more versatile clock, the Howard Miller Le Rose Floor Clock contains several shelves for whatever you wish to store and display below your clock. And while most grandfather clocks come in classic wood finishes, we also sell models in a more contemporary black or Chili red.

Grandfather clocks are one of the best ways to add a tasteful, nostalgic touch to your home furniture. More than just a way to tell time, these clocks will instantly strike a chord with anyone who comes to visit and they are sure to spark up some conversation.

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