Enclosed DVD Storage Solutions

September 19th, 2012 | Posted by MattY in Accessories | Home Furniture

DVD storageMedia lovers understand the importance of keeping their belongings organized and together. Without the proper DVD storage solution, you will end up with piles of movies, discs, and video games, stacked together without any rhyme or reason. We offer a variety of DVD storage cabinets here at One Way Furniture, but we recommend enclosed cabinets. Why? Because imagine the amount of dust that will collect on such large cabinets. Even though the shelves may be packed, dust can still build up in all the little crevices.

Media cabinets with closed doors can reduce the amount of buildup, making the cleanup a lot easier. Imagine cleaning all the shelves of a massive cabinet that can fit hundreds of media items! It would be time consuming, to say the least. Many of our towers and cabinets come with either glass doors, which just need a little glass cleaner, or wooden doors. But cabinet doors do not imply no cleaning required. Use furniture polish and cleaners safe for wood to keep them dust-free and shining like new.

We offer quite a selection in wide range of styles, sizes, and price ranges. Enjoy affordable sale prices and free shipping on all our media cabinets.

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